Council Addresses Key Issues for the District

Tuesday 5 June 2012, 11:53AM
By Tararua District Council

Over the last few years, Council has been upgrading the urban water supplies with the aim of improving the quality (treatment, taste, odour, and pressure) and risk profile (safety and storage) of supplies.  This work makes progress towards meeting the new Drinking Water Standards set in place by government through the Health (Drinking Water) Amendment Act (2008).

Dannevirke Impounded Water Supply

Council is well underway with the upgrade of the Dannevirke water supply - to increase its storage capacity through building a new impounded supply.

These improvements will assist to maintain a safe, reliable and sufficient supply of water to the community and helps to resolve the issue of discolouration that occurs during periods of heavy rainfall.

“The Dannevirke Impounded water supply is progressing well – however with the end of the warmer weather the completion of the remaining earthworks has been extended past May 2012. Consultation with landowners, contractor and Council staff is programmed for early in June, so that timing expectations can advise the community.  Overall, the project has run very successfully, with good resourcing and practices from the contractor – using the weather windows effectively,” said Blair King – Council Chief Executive.

Industry giants Alliance are very interested in the progress on construction.  Alliance, Plant Manager, Brendan Poole, stated, ‘this is an essential part of our operation and we are keen on Council progressing this.’

Woodville new water treatment plant is near completion

A new treatment plant is nearing completion in Woodville and all is going well, the Council utilities team will be trialling the system within the next few weeks.

The Council would like to thank Woodville residents for their patience and look forward to opening the new plant and solving this major issue that has been affecting the community.