New Zealand Business Networking Organisation Helps Local Companies Secure $40m Worth Of Deals Over Past 12 Months

Wednesday 6 June 2012, 9:11AM
By Salt & Pepper PR

The Industry Capability Network NZ (ICN NZ), a New Zealand business networking organisation that introduces local companies to major projects in New Zealand and overseas, has helped New Zealand companies secure $40m worth of deals over the last 12 months. The achievement will be recognised at the organisation’s 20 year anniversary celebrations today.

ICN is a business unit of New Zealand Trade and Enterprise. It is part of a network of ICN offices across New Zealand and Australia that identifies the needs and organises introductions between local companies and major projects and supply chains in New Zealand and Australia

Acting Director, Richard Harrison said: “We have spent the past two decades supporting the growth of local New Zealand businesses, introducing them to the right people within projects and increasing their confidence to pursue substantial pieces of work and supply chain opportunities. We have made over 280 recommendations to major buyers regarding suitable local suppliers over the last 12 months. On top of that, the number of inquiries from the Christchurch rebuild is constantly increasing.

“Since 2004 and a deliberate focus change to major projects, ICN NZ has helped New Zealand companies win over $700 million worth of supply opportunities and we look forward to assisting the industry to continue winning for another 20 years at least.”

ICN has always aimed to provide suppliers and purchasers with the most up to date tools and support to help maximise local involvement in supply opportunities. The organisation recently released a web based tool called Gateway which allows major project purchasers to advertise their opportunities and search the ICN database for suppliers. Gateway also allows suppliers to register and be alerted of opportunities in their region or area of expertise. 

“The Gateway database was the logical next step in our journey and will make it easier for both the local supplier and the project purchaser to connect, and develop a mutually beneficial relationship. It will be a valuable addition to the toolkit of New Zealand companies looking for projects in New Zealand or Australia. The first full use of the system is likely to be around the Christchurch Rebuild Programme.” said Mr Harrison.

When ICN NZ was established, its purpose was to assist New Zealand companies access government procurement opportunities. However, the role of the network has evolved and the emphasis is now on introducing major project purchasers to companies with suitable capability.  ICN NZ has been involved with a number of major projects, including the Christchurch city rebuild, hospital construction and fit-outs, naval ship building, major defence projects, oil and gas projects, mining, geothermal and gas fired power stations, wind farms, rail projects, aviation and marine projects, electricity generation and transmission projects as well as a number of projects in Australia.

The ICN Gateway can be found at For more information on ICN New Zealand, visit