Orion network continues to hold up well in snow

Wednesday 6 June 2012, 4:07PM
By Orion Communications


In general, the Orion network is still holding up well as snow continues to fall in Christchurch and central Canterbury.

Approximately 1,900 customers in parts of Harewood, West Melton, McLeans Island, Halswell, Hororata and Annat are without power - mostly where trees weighed down by snow have fallen onto power lines. Teams are working as quickly as possible to restore power.

"Today's power cuts are a reminder of how important it is to keep trees trimmed near power lines," says Orion Chief Executive Rob Jamieson.

"This type of snow is relatively 'dry', so it doesn't tend to build up on power lines. It can however stick to bigger surfaces like tree branches, and that's why we've seen some cuts today."

If your power is off, please contact Orion on 03 363 9898. Contact friends or family for help where necessary.