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NZ comes up low in gender equality - report

Thursday 7 June 2012, 9:54AM
By Next magazine

- Only 5% of Kiwi women believe equality is a complete reality in New Zealand in 2012.

- A significant number have experienced discrimination in the workplace.

- A large proportion are of the opinion men have easier lives than women. Find out why Kiwis believe we can no longer be proud of New Zealand's record in women's rights by reading the NEXT Report. Compiled from a Nielsen survey of 1000 Kiwi women aged 15+, it provides a snapshot of the mindset of the country's female population. Covering issues including crime, drugs, sex and money, it reveals some startling insights into the reality of life in New Zealand in 2012. The July issue of NEXT, on sale Monday June 11, features the full report.

Notes to editors:

The NEXT Report has been compiled from the results of an online survey of 1000 New Zealand women aged 15+ conducted by Nielsen. The field work took place between March 30 and April 4, 2012. The results have been weighted to be representative by age, ethnicity, location and employment status. The margin of error for a sample of n=1000 is +/- 3.1%.