Business delegation presents gift for New Zealand House in Shanghai

Wednesday 13 June 2012, 2:51PM
By Pita Sharples

An innovative plan to showcase New Zealand to Chinese consumers will see Māori culture and products playing a central role.

‘New Zealand House’ is being developed in Shanghai by Richard Yan and the Richina Company. It will involve a one-stop showroom for a wide range of New Zealand goods and services. On Friday, Mr Yan presented to members of the Maori business delegation to China being led by Māori Affairs Minister Pita Sharples.

At the end of the presentation Dr Sharples presented Mr Yan with a taonga (treasure), an art piece based on the three Māori baskets of knowledge.

“New Zealand house is an enormous and generous gesture,” said Dr Sharples. “It can become a showcase for Māori and will build on our cultural connections to China.”

Dr Sharples says Māori business delegation to China is part of a long-term strategy and is aligned to NZ Inc.

“New Zealand’s 100% Pure brand is one Māori have held and guarded for generations. Māori share ancient cultural bonds with our kin in China that we are proud to celebrate today.”