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Shotover Canyon Swing adds another dimension
Thursday 14 June 2012, 11:49AM
By Southern Public Relations


The world’s highest cliff jump operator has done it again – developing a unique new jump style that offers adrenalin seekers another dimension and a whole new level of scariness.

In what’s believed to be a world ‘first’, Shotover Canyon Swing’s jump masters are ‘stoked’ over the company’s newest jump style, ‘The Slide’.

The Queenstown-based thrill ride is already renowned as an ‘undie-staining’, high-speed adrenalin activity that involves throwing caution to the wind by launching off a platform at the top of a very high cliff edge.

And now customers can literally slide off that cliff edge from a height of 109metres.

“We’re lucky to have very dedicated staff who are committed to finding innovative jumpstyles, and very willing customers happy to enjoy something they can’t do anywhere else in the world!” said General Manager Matt Hollyer.

“ ‘The Slide’ evolved out of the efforts of our new ideas and testing team who put in a mammoth effort in our stunning outdoors laboratory, perfecting the ultimate jump style, while keeping professionalism and safety always top of mind.

“After a lot of testing on our in-house ‘lab rats’, otherwise known as the sales and marketing team, we’re pretty sure by the scream decibel level this is the best way to jump we’ve found yet.”

Not your average playground slide, customers get massive speed acceleration from the top of a relatively short aluminium slide.  When they reach the end of the slide they accelerate faster into free fall, before gently transitioning into a high speed giant swing over the stunning Shotover River.

“I’m very proud of the work of the operations team,” said Mr Hollyer.

“When we tried it out we knew we had a winner. It’s a real sensory experience, especially if you go for the ultimate slide, ‘The Abattoir’, as you slide off lying headfirst on your back like a piece of meat at the freezing works.

“Other variations on offer for keen swingers include the ‘Slide and Fly’ where you go forwards lying down on your stomach, and the ‘Butt Slide’ where you slide off forwards sitting on your bottom.

“We’re happy to report that the new Slide jump has been rated a 5 on the scale of scariness.  That means it’s very, very scary.”

The ‘Butt Slide’ and the ‘Slide and Fly’ are already on the jump menu, while ‘The Abattoir’ will be coming shortly. The company’s 70-plus standard’ jump styles offer adrenalin seekers a solo or tandem experience where they can reach speeds of 150kph as the rocky cliff face rushes past them in a 60m vertical freefall, before ropes smoothly pendulum them into a giant 200m swing in an incredible picturesque location above the famous Shotover River.

Shotover Canyon Swing is a Qualmark-endorsed visitor activity and also holds a Qualmark enviro-bronze award for its sustainable practice. For more information on Shotover Canyon Swing visit

Picture Caption: Shotover Canyon Swing sales representative Sarah Norton tries out the company’s new ‘Butt Slide’

About Shotover Canyon Swing:

Not your average backyard experience, the Shotover Canyon Swing is an undie-staining, adrenalin stimulating activity achieved by launching yourself from a platform perched on top of a very high cliff edge. Reaching speeds of up to 150kph as the rocks rush towards you in a 60m freefall, the ropes then smoothly swing you out across the famous Shotover Canyon.

From mild to mindblowing, we’ve got a jumpstyle to suit the most timid of swingers and the most adventurous adrenalin junkie, including a Tandem Cliff Jump, specially designed for two.

Shotover Canyon Swing is a multi-award winning, OutdoorsMark certified and Qualmark-endorsed activity.

All Shotover Canyon Swing experiences are safe, fun and rewarding. Safety considerations are fundamental to every aspect of the operation with the best crew, training, equipment and procedures in place to give ensure the best experience.  Swingers are secure in a chest and seat harness and swing on 2 independent ropes, each with a breaking strain of 2.8 tonnes, enough to lift four cars.  All aspects of the swing satisfy industry safety requirements and are regularly inspected, maintained and upgraded. Experienced and extensively trained jumpmasters ensure your safety at all times. Regular rigorous inspections ensure the highest standards of operation.


  • Best Experience in New Zealand 2007, 2008 and 2010 in The TNT Magazine Golden Backpacks Consumer Voted Awards
  • Humour in Business Supreme Award 2007 and 2008
  • Best Bungy/Swing at the 2009, 2010 and 2011 Rankers NZ Traveler Awards
  • New Zealand Tourism Industry Association’s 2008 ‘Adventure Category Award’

Shotover Canyon Swing sales representative Sarah Norton tries out the company's new 'Butt Slide'. CREDIT: Shotover Canyon Swing INDEX