UC closes teaching laboratory building in Kaikoura

Thursday 14 June 2012, 5:55PM
By University of Canterbury


The University of Canterbury has today closed the teaching laboratory building at its Kaikoura Field Station following a structural assessment of the facility.

The University has just completed a structural assessment of the field station and although a report on the findings is still pending, the initial indication is that the teaching laboratory building comes up short on meeting the code for compliance.

The safety of staff, students and visitors is paramount so the decision has been made to close the teaching laboratory building which includes the accommodation area.  The University now awaits the formal report and details of the possible remedial work required to make the building safe for use.  The research laboratory remains open.

As a result of the closure, seven UC students currently staying at the field station have been moved to alternative accommodation in Kaikoura. Bookings for visiting school parties in the coming weeks have been cancelled.