Port Motueka Groyne Removal and Jackett Island Erosion Project

Friday 15 June 2012, 12:06PM
By Tasman District Council


The issues arising from this project stem from the Environment Court Interim Decision issued in March 2011.

The Court found that the placement of the Port Motueka geotextile groyne on the Motueka sand spit by the Council in 1996 led to the formation of the spit in its present form which in turn, has brought about the erosion on Jackett Island.

Since this decision Council has been involved in interim works on the seaward side of a Jackett Island property. This has been done using geotextile sand bags. In the storm on 6 June 2012 there was considerable damage to the wall and as a result the Council has completed remedial works to it. It is now progressing with a plan to rebuild the wall so it is able to withstand any future extreme weather events.

The aim of the sand bag wall is to protect the property from further erosion while further investigations are carried out by the Council to develop a long term solution to the erosion.The Council was also ordered by the Court to remove the full length of the groyne on the spit.

Resource consent was issued in March 2012, which stipulated that the groyne had to be removed between May and August 2012. This work is expected to begin soon and should take approximately six weeks. Members of the public are asked to please keep the work site clear.

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