Statistics NZ provides picture of Māori well-being and development

Wednesday 27 June 2012, 1:52PM
By Statistics New Zealand

Statistics New Zealand has launched Te Ao Mārama 2012, a new publication specifically for Māori giving
a snapshot of information on Māori well-being and development, Government Statistician Geoff Bascand
announced today.

“According to the latest statistics, an estimated 673,500 people are of Māori ethnicity in New Zealand.
While Statistics NZ has published Māori statistics in the past, until now there have been few publications
that make the information accessible and easily understood.

“We recognised that information about Māori needed to be published in an easily accessible way where
key information was collated into one area.

“Te Ao Mārama 2012 touches on a range of data spanning economic, social, cultural, and environmental

“For example, in 1991, of all who identified as Māori, 132,000 did not know the iwi from which they were
descended, but by 2006 this figure had reduced to 102,000.

“As well as providing the useful information in Te Ao Mārama, we have further developed our Māori
statistics section on our website. This gives easy, fast, and convenient access to a wealth information
related to Māori.

“We were aware that we held a great deal of information about Māori but that few people knew what we
had or how to access it.

“With the publication of Te Ao Mārama and a higher level of information being placed online, we hope to
significantly increase the use of this information.”

If the publication itself proves popular it is envisaged that it will be updated every two years, as a
companion to Statistics New Zealand’s annual New Zealand in Profile.

See Te Ao Mārama 2012 online ( – accessible at 4:15pm today.
Order print copies of Te Ao Mārama 2012 by phoning 0508 525 525 or emailing