Murphy's Creek discoloration after heavy rain. Murphy's Creek discoloration after heavy rain. CREDIT: Marlborough District Council

Watching Over The Quality Of Our Groundwater

Thursday 28 June 2012, 3:23PM
By Marlborough District Council


The drinking water for most of Marlborough is wonderfully pure – and the District Council’s water scientists keep a close eye on it to make sure it stays that way.

The Council takes samples from a network of wells in various parts of the district checking on the groundwater quality. We’re building up a picture of the behaviour of our aquifer-fed springs – looking at water quality and how it is affected by surrounding land uses.

It’s reassuring to know that for the third year now the quality of the groundwater across the district has remained high.

Sometimes, groundwater springing from isolated aquifers can even remain clear when surface waters are affected by flooding or rain – clearly shown in this view of Murphy’s Creek where it flows into the Taylor River.

Trends have emerged from three years of testing showing some nutrients leach into our shallow groundwaters during winter and spring rains causing spikes - a reminder of the importance of keeping a close eye on the effects of our land use practices.

Look at the annual scorecard 2012 Groundwater Quality State and Trends on the Marlborough District Council website www.marlborough.govt.nz