Report Confirms No Health Risks At Onekawa

Tuesday 3 July 2012, 12:10PM
By Napier City Council


The Council has received the final investigation report into property assessments located on the previous Onekawa landfill site.

The Municipal landfill operated between the 1930’s and the early 1950’s. There was uncertainty about the extent of the landfill and the thickness of the clean cover material placed over it prior to redevelopment into the park and residential areas.

Napier City Council commissioned Pattle Delamore Partners Ltd to carry out a larger study to build on earlier studies.

This further investigation was carried out on a large sample of properties to enable reasonable judgements to be made about the extent of the cover and health risks.

Inspections and sampling of soil at 274 locations on 51 properties has largely confirmed the previous contaminate of landfill extent. An area between Alamein and Henderson Crescents has been eliminated, but the landfill area has extended into other properties in Flanders Avenue and Taradale Road.

Analysis completed shows that any contaminant concentrations are unlikely to exceed human health guideline criteria at the ground surface.

Little waste material appears to have been brought to the surface however the potential remains for this to occur where cover is minimal. It is recommended that residents do not disturb the ground by deep digging and the Council will be looking at recommendations to improve the depth of cover on a few specific properties.

Mayor Barbara Arnott says: “The Council has been super cautious over the investigations into the Onekawa landfill. The results of this extensive sampling and technical analysis have confirmed what many residents of the area have told us – no health related issues. We are pleased with the confirmation the city has received in this report.”

Residents have received a copy of the report sent on the day it was received by the Council.