Wordsmith to "spill the beans"

Wednesday 11 July 2012, 12:53PM
By Manawatu District Council


AN audience with well known New Zealand broadcaster, entertainer and wordsmith Max Cryer next week will bookend a busy period for users of the Feilding Public Library.

Cryer will be making his first appearance in the library at noon on Tuesday (July 17) to talk about his latest book, Curious English Words and Phrases, and explaining such expressions as “end of your tether”, “spill the beans” and “kick the bucket”.

He will also tell a host of colourful anecdotes and dispel a few myths – did Churchill originate the phrase “black dog” and if “ivory tower” could be found in the Bible and why had its meaning changed so drastically.

Other words and phrases like “geezers”, “sugar daddies” “cloud nine” and “at the drop of a hat” will also be examined by the seasoned researcher and writer.

The library has been the centre of much attention lately with various holiday programmes drawing good numbers.

Children’s Librarian Jennie Hogan said about 100 children a time had attended the daily morning sessions of feature stories and craft activities , while the book-making presentation from Bridgette Murphy, of Junk & Disorderly, drew up to 30 participants.

And an enthusiastic crowd of 70 filled the library again for the Joy Cowley play, Pick a Pack of Pirates, by the theatrical group, Tall Poppies.