Tasman District Council to Purchase Dominion Flats Land

Thursday 12 July 2012, 6:27PM
By Tasman District Council


The Tasman District Council has decided to purchase a small section of Crown-owned land at the intersection of the Ruby Bay Bypass and Mapua Drive.

Instigated by a request from the Mapua community, the parcel of land known as Dominion Flats will become an integral part of the ongoing development of Tasman’s Great Taste Trail.

The land has been identified by the Nelson Tasman Cycle Trust as a preferable route for the trail as it has a gentle gradient that will comply with established parameters for the National Cycle Trail.

Funding of the purchase will come from funds already identified for the purchase of reserve land in the Council’s Long Term Plan.

The Mapua community have agreed as part of the purchase to manage the development and maintain the finished park as an integral feature of the entrance to the Mapua and Ruby Bay settlements. To this end they have already drawn up development plans which were presented as part of their request.