Attitude marks new milestone

Wednesday 18 July 2012, 12:54PM
By trio communications

Attitude Television will be celebrating its 300th episode on TVONE after eight years of telling unique, human interest stories.

The show raises expectations of what is possible for the more than 660,000 Kiwis living with a disability and showing perspectives rarely seen on television.

The 300th episode at 8.30am on Sunday, July 29 will feature some of the people and moments that have made an impact on the team since they began production in 2005.

From a magazine style show Attitude has developed into a powerful documentary series that has sold internationally.  Alongside that global recognition, Attitude Pictures has been nominated as one of the United Nations 2012 freelance filmmakers to tell stories of disability in developing countries

Attitude Pictures executive producer Robyn Scott-Vincent says until Attitude started people with disabilities had seldom seen themselves on screen.

“When we began, the programme intended to introduce viewers to concepts of inclusion, focusing on the talent and potential of people living with a disability while showing them living ordinary,” Robyn says. “We’ve always ensured the people themselves were the main strong voice allowing the viewer to take a walk in someone else’s shoes.”

Many working on Attitude both behind and in front of the camera have a lived experience of disability, including the two associate producers and presenters Tanya Black and Dan Buckingham.

Six years ago Tanya was rushing home from work when she tripped and fell down a steep set of stairs and became a paraplegic. 

“Life as a wheelchair user hasn’t limited the opportunities for my life.  There are barriers out there but with a supportive team the disability just isn’t a factor, nor should it be. As associate producer of Attitude I have an opportunity to help change attitudes by shaping a world that is more respectful of difference,” Tanya says.

Dan Buckingham was a surveying student at Otago University. During a club rugby game a scrum collapsed resulting in a spinal cord injury.

Dan went back to university completing a degree in journalism joining the Attitude team in 2008. He became involved in wheelchair rugby and played for club teams around the globe and represents New Zealand with the Wheel Blacks.  He was part of the team that won Gold at the Athens Paralympics in 2004.

“Every day is different and It’s an awesome industry to be a part of , even better that it is a programme I’m immensely proud to be a part of” 

It’s now Dan’s fifth season with Attitude and he’s responsible for driving the production flow, ensuring the smooth delivery of 40 episodes a year. 

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