Minister praises Police for drugs haul

Wednesday 18 July 2012, 1:43PM
By Anne Tolley

Police Minister Anne Tolley has congratulated Police following a hugely successful six-month campaign targeting cannabis growers and dealers throughout New Zealand.

“This sends a powerful message to criminals that drugs and drug dealers will not be tolerated in our communities,” says Mrs Tolley.

“By targeting the source, the supply chain, and the proceeds of crime, organised criminals have been hit hard.

“The Government is determined to drive these people out of our communities and out of business.”

As a result of the operation, Police:

  • Seized and destroyed over 130,000 cannabis plants, with a potential value of up to $130 million
  • Seized and destroyed over 280 kgs of dried cannabis, with an estimated value of $5.6 million
  • Made 2,573 arrests and confiscated 327 firearms
  • Seized large quantities of methamphetamine, LSD tabs, ecstasy pills and large amounts of cash
  • Recovered 14 properties worth $4.6 million, eight cars, a boat and bank accounts


“It is also extremely concerning that 248 children were present in drug dealing houses, and exposed to dangerous criminal activity,” says Mrs Tolley.

“Our communities have had enough of this kind of anti-social and dangerous behaviour.

“Drug growers and dealers will remain a target, and it’s only a matter of time before the Police come calling.

“If these criminals don’t get the message, they are on course to be locked up and to have the proceeds of their crimes seized.”