Female kereru arrive at aviary

Wednesday 25 July 2012, 1:13PM
By Manawatu District Council


TWO female New Zealand wood pigeons (kereru) are new residents at the Kowhai Park aviary in Feilding and lifted hopes for a successful breeding programme.

They have arrived from Hamilton Zoo and been paired with the aviary’s two long-time male kereru in an attempt to record a possible “first” for the facility.

Aviary keeper Brian Day said there had been many native pigeons at the park over the years, but never any breeding success.

He was hoping that would change for the next breeding season in October-November.

About 100 birds are housed at the aviary, but their numbers have remained largely static recently because the last breeding season was affected by fluctuating weather conditions.

In the meantime, however, some other new arrivals, eight yellow-crown kakarikis, were sitting on eggs.

“Let’s hope we get some chicks as they are few and far between,” said Mr Day.

* The photograph shows one of the female newcomers (left) paired up with a resident male.