Dennis Eva, has a severe head injury but has found immense satisfaction in his job at Altus Enterprises. Dennis Eva, has a severe head injury but has found immense satisfaction in his job at Altus Enterprises. CREDIT: Purple Sherbet Ltd

Outsourcing has unseen benefits

Thursday 26 July 2012, 5:24PM
By Purple Sherbet Ltd

Dennis Eva simply loves having a job.  It gives him independence, the opportunity to contribute to society and gain skills he can transfer into his personal life. Attributes that a lot of people take for granted.   Dennis used to be a jockey but a riding accident left him with a severe head injury and his life changed dramatically.  However, he finds immense satisfaction in his work.  He works in the precision hand gluing department at Altus Enterprises, an outsourcing centre that operates as a social enterprise and employs 250 disabled people.

Altus takes on all sorts of projects either as a one- off or on an on-going basis and has been working with a diverse spectrum of industries, including the printing industry for nearly 50 years.

The hand precision department that Dennis works in is extremely busy, and takes on all sorts of tasks such as constructing promotional items, counting, gluing and boxing items.  They never know what is going to come in next. Taryn Sowa, Key Account Manager at Crippz has used them for years, “We tend to use Altus for bespoke tasks, a recent example of this was assembling boxes and filling with chocolate coins. They do a brilliant job and it always goes smoothly.”

They also have a number of highly specialist machines to do tasks such as drop sealing, shrink packaging, blister and skin packing and gluing. This enables the printing companies to accept jobs and have these components fulfilled quickly and with ease.

Andrew Durrans, Executive General Manager NZ, from GEON uses Altus for projects as and when needed.  “As a company, we like working with Altus and have always been very happy with the work they have done.  We have a commercial arrangement, however, it is also pleasing to know that we are giving disabled people the opportunity to work in a productive business environment.”

There is currently a huge focus on corporate social responsibility, triple bottom line reporting, and the need for business to engage with their communities.  Altus customers can connect with their communities on this level whilst strategically doing what is best for the business.   For more information on Altus see www.altusenterprises.co.nz