Hiking New Zealand and Active Earth merge so everyone can take a hike

Friday 27 July 2012, 12:23PM
By Hiking New Zealand

Hiking New Zealand Ltd and Active Earth New Zealand Ltd are now the one company, operating hiking tours that cater for people who want to see the ‘real New Zealand.’ 

“This means that Hiking New Zealand now has 35 years experience and we are operating the length and breadth of New Zealand. The merger of our two well-respected companies results in in-depth knowledge of each region including local characters and their stories, secret campsites, hiking opportunities and the best place for an ice-cream or pie." comments Dan Murphy on the benefits for the customer.

“The company name has changed over the years and we now have more directors but we still have the same set of simple values as we did back in 1994.” comments Mark Brabyn on today's Hiking New Zealand.

"Like Hiking New Zealand I have always been committed to protecting our environment and believe conservation should be benefitted by tourism. We will continue to donate a portion of every booking to our NZ Wildlife Fund. Much of the $70,000 already donated by Hiking New Zealand has assisted in the research of the Hector's dolphin. Some North Island conservation projects will now benefit from our NZ Wildlife Fund." comments Malcolm O'Neill on the continued support for conservation projects.

Hiking New Zealand offers what they believe are the best guided walks, hiking tours and adventure vacations throughout New Zealand and now some beyond - including Nature Cruises in Antarctica and Sub Antarctica, walking tours in Australia and sailing among the Pacific Islands.

Hiking Safaris are an active adventure into some of New Zealand’s most spectacular wilderness areas. Varying in length from 5 – 11 days and cost from $990 - $2290 covering all food, accommodation, transport and a highly experienced guide. Trips operate weekly September through to April.

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