Gull holds current fuel pricing until next week

Friday 27 July 2012, 1:47PM

By Gull New Zealand


Gull has reaffirmed its commitment to providing value for money to New Zealand motorists and will hold current pricing levels until after the excise tax increase on 1 August 2012.

Graham Stirk, Gull Retail Manager, says that Gull strives to go the extra mile to offer value at pumps.

“We’re a family owned business, and we’re all about offering value to kiwi families and doing that little bit extra to help stretch the family budget.

“Excise tax increases by 2 cents a litre on 1 August. Two of the majors have already moved prices up by 3 cents, and we expect the rest to follow.

“In contrast, Gull will hold prices until after 1 August,” says Stirk.

At the majority of Gull outlets where Gull controls retail prices, prices are as follows:
Fuel Grade                        Unmanned Site      Manned Site
Regular (91 octane)              $2.019                    $2.049
Force 10 (98 Octane)            $2.149                    $2.179
Low Sulphur Diesel              $1.429                    $1.459

Motorists can make use of fuel dockets from Countdown to increase savings further at the manned site