New tools to measure the impact of news

Wednesday 1 August 2012, 11:31AM
By Matthew Harman

Software developed by a New Zealand company is set to change the way the public relations sector measures its impact.

For many PR campaigns, vital in-depth analysis of media coverage is a costly and lengthy process that is outsourced to specialist media monitoring services.

However, a news analytics product being launched today by Fuseworks Media allows communicators to measure media at the same time as they monitor it, and at a fraction of traditional costs.

‘The old ways used to gauge the impact of PR campaigns are expensive and and the results often arrive too late to be timely’, according to Fuseworks marketing director Kirsty Harman.

‘With 65% of New Zealand news now being published as-it-happens and online only, the need to analyse huge amounts of content quickly and accurately is unprecedented.’

‘Fuseworks allows crucial analysis to be done ‘live’ and as needed. It’s part of a flat monthly subscription fee for Fuseworks, so an unexpected news event no longer needs to blow out your budget’, Harman says.

Fuseworks subscribers can use the News Analytics to download reports instantly, choosing daily, weekly or monthly time frames. Reports can be set to email directly to account holders, and their teams for ease of use.

‘As well as seeing how content volume varies over time for the topics you’re following, you can now get a snapshot of the type of content and the sources that drive the peaks and troughs in volume, so you can easily understand what’s going on,’ Harman says.

Fuseworks is a wholly New Zealand-owned and operated software company with offices in Auckland and Wellington.