Business winner rapt for others

Wednesday 1 August 2012, 4:23PM
By Manawatu District Council


MANAWATU District Deputy Mayor Matt Bell diverts much of the kudos for the selection of Focal Point Cinema as the Supreme Award winner in the 2012 Feilding Excellence in Business Awards towards his wife, Julie, and the company’s staff.

“I am very happy for Julie and the staff as they are the ones who made it happen,” the proud owner of the cinema operation said when reflecting on the honour. “Julie’s good leadership and the staff working as a team have been so important.”

Mr Bell said he was particularly pleased when he read that the judge could not differentiate when talking to staff whether they were employees or owners as they all gave the same level of service.

The Bell’s opened the boutique double cinema complex and café in 2007 and had already collected a number of Feilding business awards before claiming the major prize.

In the meantime, the Best Professional Business Award, sponsored by the Manawatu District Council, was this year won by Flight Centre.