Riverstone Terraces residents to get trial bus service

Friday 3 August 2012, 12:17PM
By Greater Wellington Regional Council


The first ever bus service for Riverstone Terraces residents in Upper Hutt will be trialled later this year.

Peter Glensor, Chair of Greater Wellington’s Economic Wellbeing Committee, says the trial service will be an extension of the current Poets Block service between Trentham and Upper Hutt Stations.

“The trial service will consist of one trip each weekday morning from Riverstone Terraces to Upper Hutt Station and a return afternoon trip. This service is predominantly for students who go to school in Upper Hutt but other residents can use the service to travel to either Trentham or Upper Hutt Stations to continue their public transport journey.

“It will run only during the school term. We expect it to start around late October and it will be trialled until the end of the second school term next year. This gives us a good six months or so to find out if this service is viable. So it’s very much a case of ‘use it or you’ll lose it’.

“School traffic is a significant contributor to congestion and transport-related pollution in the region. The more cars that don’t need to use the roads at these times the better for everyone.”

Paul Swain, Greater Wellington Regional Councillor representing Upper Hutt, says he is delighted that the trial is happening.

“A group of local residents worked with the Mayor of Upper Hutt and me to bring this to the attention of the Regional Council. A survey showed strong support for a bus service which would give Riverstone Terraces residents a public transport option for travelling considerable distances to their nearest school, library, shops, medical centre or railway station. I really hope that people use this service – it’s a small start but it’s a start.”

More information about the Riverstone Terraces service will be available closer to the time it starts.