Total Operating Expenditure 2012-2022 Total Operating Expenditure 2012-2022 CREDIT: Marlborough District Council

How does Council Use Rates Revenue?

Thursday 9 August 2012, 1:49PM
By Marlborough District Council


The Marlborough District Council is a large organisation responsible for delivering and maintaining a wide range of assets, activities and services for Marlborough.

The great majority of Council spending is on core services, and roading is the single biggest item. But, as both a territorial and regional authority, the Council has responsibilities in many areas across the region:

  • People: culture and heritage, community housing, community safety, libraries, community grants and emergency management.
  • Community Facilities: parks and reserves, cemeteries and memorials, street berms and trees, community halls, public toilets and swimming pools.
  • Roading: roads and kerbing and channelling, bridges and footpaths.
  • Flood Protection: primarily on the Wairau Plain and Picton.
  • Sewerage: services for Blenheim, Renwick, Spring Creek, Grovetown, Riverlands, Picton, Havelock and Seddon.
  • Stormwater: drainage for Blenheim, Picton, Renwick, Riverlands, Spring Creek, Havelock, Rai Valley and Okiwi Bay.
  • Water Supply: Blenheim, Picton, Havelock, Renwick, Riverlands, Awatere and Wairau Valley.
  • Solid waste management: refuse collection in Blenheim and Picton including recycling, regional landfill and transfer stations, Resource Recovery Centre and Re-use shop.
  • Environmental management: including all the activity required under the Resource Management Act; environmental policy, protection and monitoring and resource consents.
  • Regulatory: animal control and pest management harbours, building control and environmental health.
  • Regional Development: marketing and tourism, irrigation, parking, research and economic development.


This year total rates and charges have gone up 3.5% but the extent of any change to your rates bill will depend on your geographic location. The district-wide revaluation has also affected some property owners more than others.

The cost of services and charges differ across the region. This year, for example in the Blenheim urban area, your rates will be helping to pay for the upgrade to the town water supply, which had to be done to meet central government’s new standard; the upgrade to Blenheim’s sewerage system and the cost of kerbside recycling.