TV Frequency Changing

Friday 10 August 2012, 2:00PM
By Tasman District Council


Tasman TV viewers who receive a Freeview|HD signal via UHF aerial will experience frequency changes on 14 August 2012.

This change only applies to aerials pointed at Mount Campbell. If you watch Sky or Freeview satellite services, or still have an analogue television, you will not be affected.

A message will appear on your TV screen in the week before the change. If you lose Freeview|HD reception on 14 August 2012, your TV or set-top box will need to be retuned. This can be done through the onscreen menu using your remote control, by following simple instructions available on

For any questions regarding the change, visit or call toll-free Ph. 0508 33 66 33.

Meanwhile, the big nationwide switch from analogue to all-digital signal happens on 28 April 2013 in the Tasman area, although Murchison and St Arnaud get in early on 30 September 2012 when the West Coast changes over.