Accredo Delivers Leading Accounting Software Packages

Friday 24 August 2012, 5:09PM
By Pure SEO

There are certainly plenty of software providers about in the market today but the trick is to find one that delivers and keeps on delivering. The key difference between Accredo and competing business software packages is Accredo’s over 30 year history of caring for its customers and keeping them. Accredo is one of New Zealand’s leading accounting and business management software solutions and is purpose-designed to cater to growing New Zealand and Australian companies.

The core philosophy of Accredo is their commitment to their customers, with the key part of this being communication. When you phone Accredo a real person answers the phone and from that moment on you will be taken care of. Amazingly, 50 percent of their customers have been using their software for over 12 years, upgrading as their business dictates.

Accredo software is sold throughout New Zealand and Australia through a wide network of partners, known as Qualified Support People. Accredo QSPs are typically people with a business or accounting background and may also have IT implementation and support skills. Accredo is easy to use and can be tailored to suit every type of business. To find the partner closest to you, Visit Accredo’s Contact Us page.

Accredo is business friendly accounting software that meets the needs of everyone involved in your business. Accredo Mercury is designed for small to medium sized businesses, operating from a single location. Accredo Saturn is suited to the businesses of all sizes operating from more than one location, branch or department. Both systems are exceptionally easy to use and understand, as well as easy to buy and install and they both have all the features and modules local companies need.

Having the right accounting solution can be a key factor in the success of your business so in choosing the one that is best for you, you need to take some of these factors into consideration. Having evaluated your current software system (and it is a good idea to evaluate your hardware as well), you need to work out a realistic budget, prioritise your needs and ask for advice from others in your industry and also from your accountant. You need to evaluate all the information you have gleaned to be able to make the final decision on your software requirements. The team at Accredo will assist you at every stage.

Visit their website to check out their small business accounting software.