Citylink bus travel free for two days

Tuesday 11 September 2012, 9:04PM
By Taranaki Regional Council


Commuters and shoppers will be able to ride New Plymouth Citylink buses for free on Thursday and Friday next week (20 and 21 September).

The zero-fare days coincide with World Car-Free Day and are designed to thank regulars for their support and to encourage others to try out the buses.

The promotion applies to Citylink Routes 1-9 and Route 20 (Bell Block-Waitara) and Route 40 (Oakura). School-bus services are not included.

Citylink services are operated by Tranzit Coachlines under contract to the Taranaki Regional Council, which says it wants to thank regular passengers for their support and constructive suggestions in a recent online survey.

“We got more than 200 responses and they revealed a high level of satisfaction with the Citylink service, its convenience and the professionalism of Tranzit staff,” says the Council’s Passenger Services Officer, Chis Clarke.

“That verdict is very pleasing after the work that went into revamping and expanding the Citylink service two years ago,” he says.

“Patronage is growing steadily and we’re hoping the zero-fare days will encourage even more people to try the bus. Timetables are available at Puke Ariki, New Plymouth District libraries and online (”

Survey results included:

  • 84.7% are extremely (43.6%), moderately (33.1%) or slightly (8%) satisifed with the service they use.
  • 96% rate the service they use as extremely (18.7%), very (41.3%), moderately (25.3%) or slightly (10.7%) convenient.

  • 92.8%, rate Tranzit Coachlines staff as extremely (29.3%), very (48.5%) or moderately (15%) professional.
  • 88% say their level of awareness of Citylink has increased in the past two years.