Culture Workshop on NZ govt Common Web Services initiative syndicated procurement panel

Thursday 13 September 2012, 1:59PM
By Culture Workshop

“I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to make government websites easier for New Zealanders to navigate and use.” Under the name Culture Workshop, Rebecca Cox has been selected as an Information Architect for the panel of service providers for the government Common Web Services syndicated procurement contract.

Information Architects ensure that websites are clear, practical and customer friendly, by testing and designing website navigation and organising content to meet the needs of both the organisation and the website’s users.

Rebecca has been developing New Zealand government websites for over 10 years, with professional experience in information architecture, usability testing, web analytics, business analysis, web accessibility and web standards.

“It’s an exiting time to be working in the online industry, with the growing use of mobile, search, and social media as ways to access information and services. Websites now need to work well as part of the broader online ecosystem to be successful.”

Rebecca is passionate about bringing an understanding of the user’s perspective to web projects, and recently moved from Wellington to Auckland to have greater opportunity to work within the region’s rich multi-cultural population base.

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