NZ On Air supports The X Factor NZ

Friday 14 September 2012, 4:18PM
By NZ On Air

NZ On Air is proud to be able to announce support for The X Factor NZ 2013.

The X Factor NZ’s search throughout the country for singing talent will be shared with audiences next year on TV3.

As a proven concept The X Factor offers a highly successful way to develop the careers of New Zealand singers and introduce them to large New Zealand audiences.

NZ On Air will be a minority investor in the ambitious programme.

“We are thrilled that variety series New Zealand’s Got Talent has premiered to a huge audience this year, and we wish the same success for The X Factor NZ in 2013,” says NZ On Air Chief Executive Jane Wrightson.  “These programmes celebrating this country’s talent are very expensive to produce and we are pleased to help get them over the line. NZ On Air is only able to fund one of these series in a single financial year, so the timing has worked out well,” she added.

The programme will seek to crown a single winner from four categories:

  • Under 25 male
  • Under 25 female
  • Over 25
  • Group


“Not only does it provide arts entertainment for audiences in prime time, but it also helps to find new music talent,” says Ms Wrightson.  “Both are important to us.”

The series will showcase established New Zealand singers as well as the contestants.