Original PARK(ing) day produced by Rebar in San Francisco 2005. Original PARK(ing) day produced by Rebar in San Francisco 2005. CREDIT: Southern Public Relations
Ben Espie and Carey Vivian from Vivian + Espie. Ben Espie and Carey Vivian from Vivian + Espie. CREDIT: Southern Public Relations
Joe & Jaye Nutting from Southern Landmarx Ltd. Joe & Jaye Nutting from Southern Landmarx Ltd. CREDIT: Southern Public Relations

Central Queenstown parking space to be temporarily reclaimed as urban space

Monday 17 September 2012, 6:38PM
By Southern Public Relations


Pedestrians in Queenstown can enjoy a little piece of green space among the town’s streets this Friday (September 21) as part of a global event.

Queenstown landscaping company Southern Landmarx and landscape planning company Vivian+Espie have joined forces to create an oasis of urban space in a central street parking space as part of PARK(ing) Day 2012.

PARK(ing) Day is an annual global event that aims to promote the importance of urban open space within cities and towns by transforming parking spaces into temporary public parks. Originating in San Francisco in 2005, last year more than 160 cities in 35 countries took part in the day with artists, designers and citizens “taking back” a space from the cars.

It will be the first time a PARK(ing) Day space has been created in Queenstown and it is the only official entry registered for New Zealand this year.

“When we heard about the idea of PARK(ing) Day we were very keen to get involved,” said Southern Landmarx Director Joe Nutting.  “It’s not only a great cause and initiative but also something fun and unique that the whole community can enjoy.”

The Queenstown PARK(ing) space will be set up in a car park on the corner of one of the busiest parts of the Queenstown CBD, and will offer a green space for people to enjoy a spot of mini golf and rest their feet.

What started as an ‘open source’ experiment by San Francisco design studio Rebar, PARK(ing) Day has grown rapidly.  PARK(ing) Day spaces have been turned into public parks, free health clinics, art galleries and demonstration gardens.

Vivian+Espie Director Ben Espie said the majority of open space within towns was usually dedicated to roads and car parking spaces.

“By removing one of these car parks and creating a space for people to enjoy, PARK(ing) Day not only highlights the importance of public open space but also the vehicle dominance of towns and cities.

“This is something we’re creating for the Queenstown community, so everyone’s encouraged to come along on the day, enjoy, relax and check out this project.”

The Queenstown PARK(ing) Day space will be open from 7am to 4pm on the corner of Rees and Beach streets on Friday September 21st.

About Southern Landmarx
Operating since 2003, Southern Landmarx is a growing Central Otago business that has built a reputation for creating landscapes that reflect and complement the natural landscapes of the region.  Part of its commitment to quality is its knowledge of the plants that will thrive in the area and the provision of on-going maintenance plans.

The company operates in the Wakatipu and Central Otago regions with a full plant nursery, Burn Cottage Nursery, located in Cromwell.

Southern Landmarx only employs suitably qualified staff-- a talented team of landscape architects, landscape builders and garden experts dedicated to sustainable design for outdoor spaces in any location and any building, whether commercial, industrial or domestic. One of the staff members recently won the prestigious Young Landscaper of the Year 2012 title.

The company aims to provide its clients with inspirational environments that exceed their greatest expectations.  The company is also capable of large scale projects, having recently created the design plan for the Hayes Creek development in Queenstown, a landscaped streetscape incorporating natural materials, native plants and the provision of screening through planting.

About Vivian + Espie
Formed in 2004, vivian+espie combine resource management and landscape architecture to offer their clients a comprehensive approach to environmental planning.

Specializing in rural development issues, vivian+espie have extensive experience in environment court proceedings, and regional and district planning, ensuring sustainable and credible advice for planning projects.

The company provides resource management and landscape planning advice and services to local authorities, development companies, landowners and groups regarding a wide variety of projects, including:

Large scale infrastructural developments such as wind farms, hydro-generation facilities and irrigation;

  • Regional and district plan changes;
  • Tourism, recreational and conservation projects;
  • Industrial and commercial developments;
  • Urban developments;
  • Rural subdivision and developments.