Geological model created in Leapfrog Hydro with FEFLOW simulation on left side. Geological model created in Leapfrog Hydro with FEFLOW simulation on left side. CREDIT: Shine Group

Leapfrog and FEFLOW collaborate to provide mine dewatering and remediation solution

Monday 17 September 2012, 6:55PM
By Shine Group

ARANZ Geo Ltd, developer of the leading 3D geological modelling Leapfrog software suite, has announced an agreement with DHI-WASY GmbH, developer of fluid flow modelling software FEFLOW, to develop and market a complete hydrogeological modelling solution. The solution extends the current linkages between Leapfrog's hydrogeological solution Leapfrog Hydro and FEFLOW to provide significant benefits for users focusing on mine dewatering and remediation.

Shaun Maloney, Chief Executive Officer of ARANZ Geo, says, “The agreement brings together best-in-class geologic and groundwater modeling tools to provide a complete solution in groundwater modelling. Leapfrog’s ability to model complicated geologies combined with FEFLOW’s capability in flow modelling creates a compelling proposition.”

Users can easily build detailed geologic models in Leapfrog Hydro and seamlessly transfer them to FEFLOW to handle the most demanding groundwater simulation tasks. Both Leapfrog Hydro and FEFLOW feature state-of-the-art interactive 3D graphical capabilities.

Peter Schätzl, FEFLOW Business Area Manager at DHI Group, says, “This seamlessly integrated software solution covers the entire groundwater modelling workflow. Previously a gap existed between geological modelling packages and hydraulic modelling software. By bridging that gap our users can provide better and more reliable modelling results to their clients in less time."

The solution will have many hydrogeological and low temperature geothermal applications.  Leapfrog’s ability to model complicated geologies allied with FEFLOW’s prowess in flow modelling will provide significant benefits for users focusing on mine dewatering and remediation. 

Leapfrog Hydro provides dynamic, flexible and extremely fast interactive geological modelling incorporating a multitude of data sources including well logs, sections, and GIS data. FEFLOW allows advanced subsurface-simulation combined with highly flexible meshing. FEFLOW models fluid flow and transport of dissolved contaminants and/or heat transport processes in the subsurface.

Users can seamlessly work between Leapfrog Hydro and FEFLOW. Starting with FEFLOW the advanced FEFLOW 2D mesh generation options allow users to create an optimal horizontal mesh for the groundwater simulation task at hand. Leapfrog Hydro then allows users to build a 3D mesh geometry based on the geological model and the imported 2D mesh. The 3D model and lithology material properties can be exported into the FEFLOW format. Users can then complete initial and boundary conditions and build a groundwater model as complex as required for their application. The groundwater model can then be run and calibrated. Model geometry and geological data can then be compared.

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