Sewer Cleaning - Springswood Grove 20 September

Wednesday 19 September 2012, 2:01PM
By Marlborough District Council


The Marlborough District Council wish to advise residents in Springswood Grove that sewer main cleaning will be taking place in Springswood Grove on 20 September 2012.

The equipment used includes a high-pressure water-blasting unit, which is passed through the sewer main.
The pressures generated in the sewer main sometimes cause the water seal in toilet bowls to 'jump' with some overflow occurring, this is not sewage from within the pipes but the water in the toilet bowl only.

Residents are advised to place a towel over the toilet bowl and lower the lid onto it; this will prevent water 'jumping' from the bowl during the cleaning operation. The towel needs only be in place while the cleaning is undertaken in the street adjacent to your property.

Should you have any further enquiries please contact the Marlborough District Council Council, Ph: 03 520 7400.