War pension coverage extended to Syria veterans

Thursday 20 September 2012, 12:28PM
By Nathan Guy

Members of the New Zealand Defence Force who served in Syria as part of the United Nations Supervision Mission this year will be eligible for war pensions and allowances, the Minister of Veterans’ Affairs Nathan Guy has announced today.

“Under the War Pensions Act 1954, I have declared that these personnel have served in an ‘emergency’, which makes them eligible for pensions, allowances and other assistance provided under this Act.

“Six members of the Defence Force served with the United Nations from 22 May to 22 August of this year. There have been no reported injuries, but this coverage is important for any future illnesses or conditions which might be attributable to their service.

“In the past it has taken years for overseas operations to be declared in this way. As Minister I want to make sure we move much quicker to determine eligibility.

“I am proud that this Government is showing our respect and thanks to men and women who have served in Syria. Those who took part deserve to be recognised and supported,” Mr Guy says.

More information on War Disablement Pensions and other entitlements is available at: