Revitalised Water Network to Benefit Richmond

Friday 21 September 2012, 2:07PM
By Tasman District Council


Work has just begun on upgrading watermains in Lower Queen Street, as part of required improvements to Richmond’s supply.

This work will continue along Stratford Street and Beach Road to Lammas Street up to opposite the western end of McGlashen Avenue. Work will then begin along the northern side of McGlashen Avenue between the Deviation and Croucher Street.

This necessary renewal also provides the opportunity to put in larger pipes to cater for increased demand and to future-proof the network. The revamped network will help alleviate the current pressure fluctuations, as well as allowing for the better use of current resources and technology.

The revitalised network will enable the full reticulation of the area, taking advantage of the enhanced quality and supply benefits that the planned new water treatment plant in Richmond will bring.

The upgrade work, which will take about two months, is being carefully coordinated to minimise water supply disruption to residents. If any shutdowns are necessary they will be for no more than a few hours and will generally occur during periods of lowest demand.

All residents and commercial operators will be warned well in advance of any planned shutdowns.

A temporary rider main will be provided in McGlashen Avenue to ensure there will be a continuous water supply except during necessary shutdowns.

All affected properties have been notified directly. The work is being done by contractor Adcock and Donaldson.