Ashburton Zone Committee meeting

Monday 24 September 2012, 12:42PM
By Environment Canterbury


The Ashburton Zone Committee will meet at the Ashburton Council Chambers on 25 September for its monthly meeting.

The main focus for the committee will be on water quality and the Hinds-Rangitata sub-regional plan.

The Ashburton Zone Implementation Programme (ZIP) for water management included a number of recommendations around water quality monitoring.

At the meeting the committee will receive three presentations focusing on changing water quality and ecosystem monitoring processes, audited self management systems, and nutrient management system Overseer.

The committee will also receive updates on the Hinds-Rangitata sub-regional plan. The committee has begun work towards recommendations for the Hinds-Rangitata area, to be implemented through the sub-regional section of the proposed Land and Water Regional Plan (LWRP).

The proposed LWRP provides the framework to facilitate delivery of the community’s aspirations for water management – as set out in the Canterbury Water Management Strategy (CWMS).

A critical step in the limit setting process is for the committee to work with the community to determine environmental, social, cultural and economic outcomes for the Hinds – Rangitata area.

At Tuesday’s meeting the committee will agree on its outcomes for flows and water quality in the Hinds-Rangitata area and then discuss how to engage with the community about its approach and determine how these outcomes can be delivered.

The committee will also receive updates on a number of on-going issues, including implementation of its water management recommendations, consents in the zone, the Regional Committee, and progressing water quality issues in the upper Ashburton River.

The Ashburton Zone Committee finalised its ZIP in late 2011. The ZIP was developed with the community to give effect to the goals in principles in the CWMS - to enable present and future generations to gain the greatest social, economic, recreational and cultural benefits from our water resources within an environmentally sustainable framework.

The Ashburton Zone Committee is a joint committee of the Ashburton District Council and Environment Canterbury. The Ashburton zone extends from the Rakaia River to the Rangitata River and includes Ashburton, Rakaia and Methven.

Meeting information

Ashburton Zone Committee meeting
9:00am, Tuesday 25 September 2012
Council Chambers, 5 Baring Square West, Ashburton

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