Delany Park gets environmentally friendly

Tuesday 2 October 2012, 6:11PM
By Taupo District Council


New recycling bins have been installed at Owen Delany Park to encourage people to dispose of their waste thoughtfully. Fifteen recycling bins are now in use at the park.

Taupō District Council had the recycling bins put in at OD Park in time for the Global Games sports tournament in late September. Each bin is 240 litres in capacity and are dotted around the park. The bins can be used to recycle plastics and aluminium at this stage, two materials that are commonly disposed of at events in the park.

Council Sports Ground Supervisor, Ben Sherriff, says it is a great way for Taupō District to be environmentally responsible. “It’s an easy and effective way for us to look after our District,” he says. “A lot of stadiums like this are moving toward recycling and we know it’s a good idea for our community to get on board.”

Mr Sherriff says the feedback from the public had been good so far. He hopes more visitors to the park will take advantage of the recycling options available. “We’re just doing our bit for the environment,” Mr Sherriff says. “It’s just the start.”