Take Care Paying Council Accounts

Thursday 4 October 2012, 3:20PM
By Marlborough District Council


Take extra care when paying rates and water accounts using internet banking

When making internet payments there’s one very important thing to remember – be sure to include the right details.

Failing to include the required information can delay payments and it may not be until a penalty letter is sent out that anyone is aware your payment hasn’t reached the right account.

To ensure your payments get to the right account please be sure to include the following:

  • For rates accounts: property owner’s name, property number and the reference ‘rates’
  • For water accounts: the account name, water account number and the reference ‘water’.


An alternative hassle-free method of payment is direct debit – you can set it up and forget.

  • Once signed up, you never have to worry that you’ve forgotten a payment
  • Removes any risk of penalty charges because of late payment
  • Your payment reaches the right account.


Direct debit forms are on this website on the Payments page in the Rates section, or ask for more information at the Council’s counter.

If you move or sell your property do remember to tell us so we can cancel or amend your direct debit.