Let Us Collect Your Rubbish

Thursday 11 October 2012, 2:32PM
By Marlborough District Council


A reminder to let us collect your council rubbish bags

We’d prefer everyone using our black Council rubbish bags to make sure they are put out for kerbside collection - rather than delivering them direct to the rubbish transfer station.

Council’s contractor Earthcare is paid to collect Council rubbish bags from the kerb in Blenheim and Picton with payment based on the expected number of bags. That cost covers both the collection and disposal of the rubbish bags.

When people drop their own bags at the transfer station, the contractor running the transfer station, Metallic Sweeping, has to take them over to the landfill and meet the cost of dumping the bags.

Some people assume they’re being helpful by taking their own bags to the dump – and we realise it seems easy to throw your bag onto the trailer if you’re already making a trip to the tip.

But we’d respectfully ask that everyone use the kerbside service – as a ratepayer you’re paying for this service through your annual rates bill.

There is no restriction on the number of Council bags you may put out at the kerbside.