NewLook Offer Eco-Friendly Colour Concrete Solutions

Saturday 13 October 2012, 12:43PM
By NewLook New Zealand

Get New Look has been utilizing eco friendly technology to deliver outstanding results to clients within New Zealand. Since their business start in 1989, NewLook have been enhancing the look and feel of concrete with the use of innovative eco-friendly technology. They primarily use water-based, non-acid and non-acrylic coloured concrete stains to deliver outstanding results. Their technology is opaque, maintainable, breathable and does not effect the overall texture of the concrete. Over the course of the past decade, NewLook have been redefining concrete staining technology and set the standards for ecologically friendly products.

Their concrete color stains were initially developed to fix common concrete color problems that you may experience. Things like discolored concrete, blotchy patches or stained concrete can present a real issue to homeowners. NewLook identified the problem and worked to create eco-friendly products that deliver the results that clients need. Currently, their product range consists of twelve stains which deliver individual results. From color stains, DIY stains, concrete sealers to paint strippers, NewLook have managed to produce eco friendly and water based products that really work.

In our current time, it's important to invest in eco friendly technology where possible. Their products are currently marketed towards architects and home owners and are suitable for both small and large projects.

"I have been using NewLook technologies for the past four years as part of my business. The use of their eco-friendly staining products allows me to offer another service to my clients that my rivals simply cannot offer. Some people really feel strongly about being eco-friendly, so being able to do the job professionally and help save the environment has been extremely beneficial for my business" - Tom Riley, NZ.

As the future continues to change and the demand for eco-friendly products continues to rise, it's great to see that innovative companies like NewLook are changing the market for the better.

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