NZ On Air announces new TV line-up for children and special interest audiences

Thursday 18 October 2012, 4:49PM
By NZ On Air

NZ On Air is announcing more than $22million in funding for nearly 600 hours of new and returning programming for a wide variety of specialist audiences.

NZ On Air allocates a considerable portion of its television funding to special interest and children’s programming each year, reflecting the importance of these audiences.

There are two new series for pre-schoolers.  Poppet Stars will animate songs in English and Māori on TV 2. Moe, a new puppet adventure series looking at problem solving, literacy and numeracy, is being supported for FOUR.  Popular pre-school series Tiki Tour, will also return to TV 2 in 2013.

Older children and teenagers will be well served with What Now, The Erin Simpson Show, Girl vs Boy, I am TV, Just the Job, Let’s Get Inventin’, Operation Hero, and Small Blacks TV all returning for another series on TV 2, while the daily Sticky TV returns to FOUR.

A new special interest series has also been supported. Real Pasifik shot in New Zealand and the wider Pacific, will bring Robert Oliver's colourful forays into South Pacific food and culture to small screen audiences.

NZ On Air funding is also supporting the return of Attitude, Neighbourhood, Praise Be, Rural Delivery, Tagata Pasifika and the final of the Young Farmers Contest to TV One in 2013.  New series of Both Worlds and Media3 will screen on TV3, and The Nutters Club will return to Māori Television.

English language subtitling of te reo children’s series Pukana, for the benefit of audiences on FOUR, has also been funded.


Funding Details


Girl Vs Boy 2, 7 x 30, KHF Media, TV 2  $1,006,998

I AM TV 2013, 25 x 30, Television New Zealand, TV 2  $958,911

Just The Job 8, 10 x 30, Dave Mason Productions, TV 2  $167,403

Let's Get Inventin' 7, 10 x 30, Luke Nola & Friends, TV 2  $572,460

Moe, 30 x 5, Pop-Up Workshop, FOUR  $299,951

Operation Hero 3, 10 x 30, The Gibson Group, TV   $480,000

Poppet Stars, 25 x 5, You And Media, TV 2  $387,865

Small Blacks TV 2013, 21 x 30, Cereal TV, TV2  $200,000

Sticky TV 2013, 250 x 35, Pickled Possum Productions, FOUR  $2,244,442

The Erin Simpson Show 2013, 200 x 30, Whitebait Productions, TV 2  $3,080,400

Tiki Tour 2013, 112 x 30, Pickled Possum Productions, TV 2  $1,585,472

What Now 2013, 40 x 120, Whitebait Productions, TV 2 $3,088,700


Attitude 2013, 35 x 30, Attitude Pictures, TV One  $1,718,450

Both Worlds 2, 10 x 30 , Notable Pictures, TV3  $382,816

Fresh 2013, 20 x 30, Television New Zealand, TV 2  $800,613

Media3 2013, 20 x 30, Top Shelf Productions, TV3  $500,858

Neighbourhood 2013, 35 x 30, Satellite Media Group, TV One  $1,399,798

Praise Be 2013, 40 x 30, Television New Zealand, TV One  $330,000

Real Pasifik, 7 x 30, Zoomslide Media, TV One  $295,000

Rural Delivery 2013, 40 x 30, Showdown Productions, TV One  $1,100,000

Tagata Pasifika 2013, 26 x 60, Television New Zealand, TV One  $1,554,912

The Nutters Club 2013, 20 x 30, Top Shelf Productions, Māori TV  $346,501

Young Farmer Contest 2013, 1 x 60, Dexterity Productions, TV One $99,913

Pukana Subtitles 2013, Cinco Cine Film Productions, FOUR  $68,680