Check out the walks in the Wither Hills Farm Park

Thursday 18 October 2012, 6:05PM
By Marlborough District Council


I’ve found a recipe to feel sensational. It works just as well on cold cloudy rainy days as it does on sunny ones, and it’s versatile, and adaptable to so many different places. Take one comfy pair of shoes, just the right amount of comfy clothing, a sense of adventure, fun and fulfilment, and you have all the ingredients to create a wonderful morning.

All that is required now is to step outside your door and brace yourself for some fun! Walking around Marlborough has been made so easy for us because of all the choices we have of places to explore.

Where to go?

This week’s suggestion: Try the Wither Hills Farm Park

This 1,100 hectare reserve is located on the southern boundary of Blenheim and provides lots of walking opportunities.

A great loop to try is the Sutherland Stream/Mt Vernon loop. It’s 5.7 km and graded as 50% easy-moderate incline, 10% steep incline and 40% moderate/steep decline.

Start this loop walk at the Redwood Street entrance car park. The loop follows steep sided gullies up onto the main ridge on the southern boundary of the farm park. From here there are impressive views to the NW of the Richmond Ranges, Wairau Valley, and also over Blenheim and out to Cloudy Bay. Wow!

The loop then heads down an open ridge from Mount Vernon with a fantastic continuous view of Blenheim, out over the Wairau Lagoons and you can often see right across to Wellington. There are conveniently located toilets and drinking fountains, and all junctions are well signposted. Information signs at the Redwood Street entrances have detailed maps of the farm park tracks as well as other important farm park information.

See maps of Wither Hills Farm Park tracks and distances.