Budget claims completely false

Friday 19 October 2012, 2:58PM
By Anne Tolley

Police Minister Anne Tolley says Labour should get its facts right instead of trying to mislead the public over Police funding.

"Funding levels for Police were maintained in the Budget, yet Labour's Police spokesperson continues to claim there were cuts,” says Mrs Tolley.

"No matter how many times Labour makes these claims they will always be false.

"The media and the public deserve to know the facts, and Labour's comments can't be trusted.

"This is nothing more than a campaign of scaremongering and making up figures.

"The truth is that Police, like everyone else, are having to live within their means and are working smarter and better.

"They delivered a 5.9 per cent cut in the crime rate in the last fiscal year, on top of a seven per cent drop in the previous year.

"Our focus on frontline policing will continue to make communities safer, and that is a fact that the opposition will just have to accept."