Kiwi Skates Get Armani Stamp Of Style

Wednesday 21 November 2007, 2:37PM
By Skorpion Sports


A revolutionary new range of quad skates initially designed in a Waikato garage has just progressed from being the coolest international skating trend to one of the hottest fashion accessories in Europe.

A partnership with the iconic Italian fashion house Emporio Armani has resulted in the launch this month of a new super chic line of New Zealand designed quad skates in selected Armani stores worldwide.

Jointly branded with the Hamilton-based Skorpion Quadline logo, the new EA7 by Emporio Armani skates were strutted down the Armani catwalk at the European Fashion Show in Milan in June, and were deemed cool enough to gift to each of the presenters at the recent European MTV awards.

Skorpion Sports Ltd Managing Director, Gary Reid, says the partnership with Armani is just the latest in a string of exciting international opportunities for the Hamilton skates, which many believe are on the brink of becoming the biggest global skating phenomenon since the invention of inline skating.

Inline skates inventor, and founder of the Roller Blade brand, Scott Olsen, has publicly stated that, “The Skorpion Quadline is a new and refreshing fitness phenomenon and the next great leap in skating.”

Skorpion skates were first launched into the international market two years ago as a multi-terrain model designed to provide recreational skaters with all the fun, look and performance of an off-road vehicle. Able to be used on almost every surface from traditional skate bowls and pavements to BMX tracks, cobblestones and beaches – the Skorpion Multi-terrain skates were described as `Hummers for your feet’ in a major US Holiday Gift Guide in 2005 and featured on their first page as one of hottest Christmas gift choices in the USA that year.

Since then, the Skorpion Multi-terrain skates have been in high demand throughout Europe and North America for everything from aerobic fitness and family fun to an almost endless array of adventure activities, including kite surfing along the low tide beaches in Holland. They are also increasingly being used for off-season ski training, and are used by the Austrian ski team.

In March this year Skorpion Sports responded to multiple requests for a sleeker urban skate by launching the Skorpion Quadline Urban Street Skate. Now popular commuter and city recreational skates, Skorpion Quadlines are sold on many college campuses around the States, have drawn keen interest from the US Military as a fitness product for military personnel and their families, and have just have just been launched in JJB Sports stores in the UK and throughout Australia in Rebel and A Mart stores.

Gary attributes the enormous popularity of Skorpion Skates to the fact that they offer something for every skater, no matter what their aims or ability. He says, “Our skates have been recognised as the easiest skates on the market to use. They have the lowest centre of gravity of any skates available, and they are the only size adjustable skate that allows people to wear their own shoes – which is an invaluable benefit for the growing number of commuters who use our skates.”

Gary believes Skorpion Skates are right on the edge of an international tipping point and he is really excited about the future. He says, “A lot of people are now coming to us wanting to distribute and retail our products. Some of the order numbers that are now being discussed are huge, and we are getting numerous new orders each month from various parts of the globe. People are even developing accessories for our skates, and we’re seeing some supporting industry starting to develop.”

“People have been telling us for two years now that we would be the next big global skating phenomenon and it really looks like that is about to happen.”

Skorpion Skates will be available in New Zealand from November 26, from