Changes to Airport Flyer Wellington City route good news

Wednesday 31 October 2012, 6:09PM
By Greater Wellington Regional Council


More frequent Airport Flyer services and a more direct route between Wellington Station and the airport is good news for Wellington commuters, says Wellington Regional Council Chair Fran Wilde.

NZ Bus have announced that from mid-January next year Airport Flyer buses will run every 10 minutes at peak times between Wellington Station and the airport. They will also travel along Cobham Drive instead of through Rongotai and along the back of the airport.

NZ Bus media statement

Fran Wilde says 10-minute Flyer services at peak times between Wellington CBD and the airport is a change the Council has wanted for some time, but the decision was in the operator’s hands because the service is not subsidised by the Council.

“For people who travel to and from the airport at peak times, which includes many Wellington business people, this will be a very welcome change. Hopefully, the high-frequency service will encourage people to take the bus instead of a taxi or private car and this will reduce traffic congestion for everyone.

“The route change will also make the service much more attractive by reducing the travel time whatever time of the day,” Wilde said.

“When we drew up the Ngauranga to Airport corridor plan a couple of years ago there was strong public demand for a direct and fast airport express service. It is a sensible move and good to see that the Flyer operator - NZ Bus - have taken it up.”

The changes also include the removal of the Upper Hutt to Queensgate (Lower Hutt) leg of the Airport Flyer service.

“I know people from Upper Hutt will be disappointed about this but the patronage level was clearly uneconomic for NZ Bus. Upper Hutt passengers will in future be able to take an alternative and cheaper 15-minute bus service, Route 110, between Upper Hutt and Queensgate, then connect with either the Flyer or another bus service into Wellington. The other option is to catch a train to Wellington and pick up an airport bus there, although clearly neither of these options is as convenient as the Flyer for those going all the way through to the airport.