PlaceMakers Blue Streak in action. PlaceMakers Blue Streak in action. CREDIT: Mango Communications
Blue September Montage Blue September Montage CREDIT: Mango Communications

PlaceMakers Superhero Nails Million Dollar Charity Target

Thursday 1 November 2012, 9:50PM
By Mango Communications

New Zealand’s newest Superhero - the PlaceMakers Blue Streak – pulled out all the stops this September and played a key role in propelling PlaceMakers to raise $1Million for the Prostate Cancer Foundation, since partnering with the charity four years ago.

Blue September is the Prostate Cancer Foundation’s campaign that increases awareness of the importance of regular prostate checks and raises funds for the disease that kills over 550* Kiwi men every year, making it the most common cancer among New Zealand men.

CEO of the Prostate Cancer Foundation of New Zealand, Keith Beck, says: “This year our campaign stepped up another level with the ‘birth’ of the PlaceMakers Blue Streak who dashed all over the country entertaining Kiwis and raising awareness of prostate cancer; a sensitive issue which can be a difficult talking point for New Zealand men.

“The passion and commitment shown by PlaceMakers staff to support Blue September never ceases to amaze me and I am thrilled that PlaceMakers has broken the $1Million mark this year, which is a testament to their commitment to our cause.

“We strongly value our relationship with PlaceMakers, which we regard as an integral partner in our awareness and fundraising activities,” says Keith.

Funds raised by PlaceMakers will be used for research into testicular and prostate cancer, public education programmes about testicular and prostate cancer, and continuing to provide pastoral care to New Zealand men and their families.

PlaceMakers Chief Executive, John Beveridge, is committed to the cause of supporting the Prostate Cancer Foundation for the long term. “PlaceMakers prides itself on health, safety and wellness, so we see our support of Blue September in driving awareness for prostate cancer, as our way of helping make sure that New Zealand’s sons, fathers, brothers, husbands and mates take care of themselves,” says John.

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