Owen Delany Park to benefit from logging

Thursday 1 November 2012, 11:58PM

By Taupo District Council



Some of the revenue from logging operations at Owen Delany Park will be used to upgrade the park’s training lights. The decision was made at the 30 October Taupō District Council meeting in Turangi.

Earlier this year, Council resolved to commence the harvest of timber at the park to minimise safety hazards and clear the area for replanting or regrassing following the April storm that badly damaged a large number of trees. The cost of this would be funded by the revenue gathered from the logging.

However it was decided that some of the money would instead fund the installation of training lights after a request was received from the Taupō Rugby Sub-Union for an upgrade of the lights. The Sub-Union planted some of the trees in the mid-1980s and the revenue from those trees is likely to cover the entire cost of the upgrade.

Council resolved to use the money from the trees planted by the Sub-Union to upgrade the lights. It will mean a greater area will be lit up, therefore increasing opportunities for training while reducing wear and tear on the grounds at little or no cost to the Council. It will also mean Council will not be asked to help provide funds for upgrading the lights for many more years.