Gull Petrol drops 3c at the pump

Monday 5 November 2012, 5:15PM

By Gull New Zealand


Gull has announced a 3c per litre drop in petrol prices at the pump, effective immediately.

“This latest move reflects changes in the refined fuel price,” says Graham Stirk, Retail Manager, Gull New Zealand.

“As a New Zealand based company Gull is committed to providing value for money for Kiwi motorists.“

At the majority of Gull outlets where Gull controls retail prices, prices are as follows:

                                                            Price per litre at unmanned sites         Price per litre at traditional sites

Gull Regular Plus (91 Octane)                            $2.039                                                  $2.069
Gull Regular        (91 Octane)                              $2.039                                                  $2.069
Gull Force 10      (98 Octane)                               $2.189                                                  $2.219
Gull Diesel Max   (biodiesel blend)                    $1.469                                                  $1.509
Gull Low Sulphur Diesel                                      $1.499                                                   $1.509