Kiwi Road Trip at a Fraction of the Cost

Wednesday 7 November 2012, 1:28PM
By Ogilvy New Zealand

The all-new Holden Volt, Holden’s long-range electric vehicle, is hitting the road for the typical Kiwi road trip.

The Holden Volt will be travelling the length of the country showcasing its extended range capability, achieved with help from its on-board petrol generator.

The first 87 kilometers, depending on driving style and condition, can be driven on a charge from a regular household wall outlet which costs around $2.72 a day for a full charge. When that charge is depleted, the generator switches seamlessly to maintain a charge in the battery that gives the car more than 600 kilometers of total range.

The Holden Volt is a leader in its class and provides high tech options not available on other electric vehicles.. The Volt’s unique Electric Propulsion System gives instant torque from a standstill,, for a powerful and exhilarating drive that was described by Australia’s Top Gear as “freaking awesome”.

Kiwis will have the chance to see the Volt for themselves as it cruises through the regions:

Friday 9 November

4-6 pm Auckland: Schofield Holden

Monday 12 November

4-6 pm Rotorua: Shorland Holden

Tuesday 13 November

4-6 pm Hastings: Karamu Holden

Wednesday 14 November

4-6 pm Wellington: Ebbett Wellington

Thursday 15 November

4-6 pm Blenheim: Wadsco Holden

Tuesday 20 November

5-6 pm Dunedin: Cooke Howlison

Wednesday 21 November

5-6pm  Queenstown: GWD Russells Queenstown

Thursday 22 November

5-6pm  Invercargill: GWD Russells Invercargill

At each stop there will be competitions, the chance to win Holden merchandise and an opportunity to see the long range electric Volt and how easy it is to charge.

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