Some street name changes to be phased in at Turangi

Wednesday 7 November 2012, 7:33PM
By Taupo District Council


Fourteen street names and three reserve names are set to be changed, using a phased approach, following Taupō District Council’s decision to support the correction of errors made when the town was built.

The decision comes after many discussions with local hapu, who asked for street names to incorporate Ngati Turangitukua whakapapa as part of a board agreement following the 1998 Treaty of Waitangi Settlement. The changes will also correct some spelling errors made in the past. Council have also discussed the changes with other affected community members, residents and businesses.

Council agreed to change 14 street names and another three names will be changed subject to approval from emergency services. Three reserve names are also going to be changed, including McLaren Park. It also decided to find and create a different way to recognise the engineers – Dekker and Gibson and others – who contributed to the development of the Turangi township. The engineers had previously been named on street signs. The Council resolution required the recognition of these engineers be completed by March 2013.

Councillor and Tongariro Turangi Community Board (TTCB) member, Gary Keepa, says in requesting the changes the board was trying to allow corrections. “The board is just trying to do the right thing to correct the issues caused by the Crown,” he says.

The board was approached in 2010 by Ngati Turangitukua to follow through on previous board discussions to change the names. In 1963, the Ministry of Works approached the Turangitukua Marae Committee, asking them to put forward street names for Turangi. The hapu’s wishes were granted in part, however, it is understood the Ministry of Works removed the ‘Te’ off the front of several of the names and did not use some proposed names. They replaced them with the names of engineers who worked on the Tongariro power development. After review the TTCB recommended the changes to Council.

Local hapu say the dropping of the ‘Te’ from some street names and shortening others degrades the value placed on the names and what they mean to the community.  Work is likely to begin on the changes by the end of the year. The new names will be phased in over a period of months. 

The names will be changed as follows:

Current name/spelling


Awamate Rd Te Awamate Rd
Aonini Rd Te Aonini Rd
Arahori St Te Arahori St
Dekker Dr Kahurau Dr
Gibson St Hangarito St
Herekiekie St Te Herekiekie St
Kaheke Pl Te Rangikahekeiwaho Pl
Link Rd Piri Rd
Mitiotu Gr Te Mitiotu Gr
State Highway 41 Tokaanu Rd
Takinga St Te Takinga St
Tautahanga Rd Te Rangitautahanga Rd
Tod Cl Wharepapa Cl
Tukehu St Te Rangitukehu St
McLaren Park Te Kapua Park
Cherry Tree Reserve Te Koko Reserve
Crescent Reserve   Kohineheke Reserve
Ohuanga Rd To start from the roundabout alongside the police station on the Club Habitat side to the T junction at SH41
Subject to approval from emergency services:
Iwiheke Place Te Iwiheke Place
Whakarau Street Te Whakarau Street
Wharekaihua Grove Te Wharekaihua Grove