Advance Seats for SCIRT World Buskers Festival!

Wednesday 14 November 2012, 12:09PM




Pre-release seats for the 2013 SCIRT World Buskers Festival in Christchurch will be available from 9am tomorrow, Wednesday 14 November.

SCIRT World Buskers Festival organisers are urging the public to get in quick to secure their seats online at Artistic Director Jodi Wright says last year there were long queues, and some people missed out on seats.

“The 2012 event attracted around 300,000 visitors, and next year’s festival promises to be even bigger and better. Getting in early by securing a seat means you won’t miss out and you won’t need to queue. With street busking, the public choose how much to give to the entertainer, and it’s the same with securing the seats. People choose how much they wish to offer for a seat,” she said.

Fifty per cent of seats will be available on the Buskers website. The remainder will be available on the dates of the show from a booking booth in North Hagley Park.

The Festival runs from 17-27 January and will be based in Christchurch’s Hagley Park.

Seats and information are available at

To mark 2013 being the 20th year the festival has run, the organisers have secured several well-known international acts including The Blackstreet Boys, El Gleno Grande and Gamarjobat. The Flying Dutchman, who performed in the early days of the Buskers Festival, will also be returning.