Household Hazardous Waste Collection

Wednesday 14 November 2012, 1:53PM
By Napier City Council


A free hazardous waste service for householders is provided by the Hastings District Council and the Napier City Council every year in November. This years dates are:

  • NAPIER Sun 18 November 2012 – Eastern Truck & Marine Onekawa
  • HASTINGS Sat 17 November 2012 – Hastings Sports Centre, Railway Road


Householders can dispose of their hazardous wastes - for example old paints, waste oil, batteries and household and garden chemicals - safely.

Hazardous waste can be dangerous at every stage of its 'life'. Hazardous materials stored at home could react with one another and cause a fire or toxic fumes. Children could poison themselves. A container may leak and contaminate the soil or groundwater. If hazardous waste is disposed of with the rest of the household rubbish or put out with the inorganic rubbish collection, the people who pick up the rubbish could be injured, sometimes severely. And finally, hazardous waste that ends up in the landfill could pollute our environment.

By offering a special collection for this waste, the Hastings and Napier councils provide householders with a chance to 'do the right thing' for everyone's health and for the environment - and it's a great opportunity to raise awareness about hazardous waste!

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